new website layout

I decided to redo my website instead of update the current layout. I learned some CSS and coded everything instead of using a template. Any productive feedback is welcomed :smiley:

great website and great work, but my only critique would be do just make the background white. for me, it dulls the color of the whole website; even the images. this might be a particular, but it would be nice when you click on the image for it to stay there and have the text next to the image rather than the image overlapping the text.

Very nice projects! I got inspired.

I dont think the homepage do them justice. It feels unfinished and a bit random on entry.

Id try to group things a bit more logically, and also look over the consistency of where the different material on the page shows up. Now its a bit scattered, for example text gets blocked by the hovering images which tend to enlarge in different places every time.

Hope that made some sense.

I use chrome btw, if that makes any difference.