New website I found,

Its been a while since I posted here, been super busy. Anyways, I just started to advertise on this site…its fairly new and I thought this would be a great place to get some feedback on the site. I only advertise because it deals with prototyping. Check it out, register and let me know what you think and others. Do you think this site will materialise into something? I just don’t want to keep wasting advertising dollars, but I do like the fact that I can be first to advertise and have that great position and banner well quite frankly, for super cheap lol.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

Here is the site.

Seems like ZoomRP aka Solid Concepts is also now advertising on the site.

Tim Ruffner

My 2 cents: I really like it. The conversion tools are a nice touch and I think they’re going after a slightly under-served niche. I hope they make it.