NEW WEBSITE, comments?

Hi there. I just launched a new website with some updated stuff and have been doing the independent/freelance thing for a few months now. Everything is great and the response has been good about the website so I thought I would show it to some real critics. What do you think? Let 'er rip…

When I first clicked on your works page it took me awhile to figure out where your projects were. Maybe not hiving it go straight to a blank page would be useful.

I found the projects right off, but going back again, I can see how they might be over looked.

I really liked the project that you included sketches for. Good environmental design sketches are always so compelling, and anyone who has tried to do them knows how hard they are! I’d like to see them on every project. Great sketches. All the studios are very cool. I esp like how flexible the speed channel set was.

The nest sofa set is pretty awesome. Clean lines, good thinking, simple.

The bunching tables I feel are not at the same level as your other work in terms of design and material use. I’d also like to see a resume, or more detailed timeline in your profile section, or something less personal, more in line with what a firm would post. You can benchmark some good boilerplate from some other firms. Also, I couldn’t find a way to go back to the splash page once I was in the site.

Congrats on the Biltmore specing your pieces. It’s a beautiful resort. I visited there about a year ago, it still pretty amazing after all these years.

Thanks for the feedback. I will think about how I can make some of the mentioned modifications, but no promises since I didn’t create the site myself. My wife made it and may castrate me if I ask anymore from her right now. I’ll see what I can do…

Happy Newyear!!!