New website - built with ProSite

Please take a look at my new website at and let me know what you think.

After taking a look at the various website building websites (Virb, tumblr, wordpress, squarespace, etc) I chose ProSite for its behance and social integration and blog integration.

Once I got the hang of it, it was challenging but much easier than html and dreamweaver. The support is also top notch too!

As a side note, what do websites like this mean for professional web designers? Feature-wise, these websites are getting better and better

Hey there,

I think the order of your projects could be considered a little better. If I’m looking from left to right, the first two projects aren’t exactly directly related to product design (assuming thats what you do), and I have a hard time knowing what kind of designer you are.

Also, on my screen right now, your site is slightly too wide for the browser, which cuts it off in a weird way and makes me need to scroll sideways. Might wanna make it a little smaller so it fits most screens. Some lines are also displaying kinda weird on my screen, cutting across images and text.

For your projects, I think maybe you could show a little more process. Right now it seems like your sketches and models are kind of tacked onto the end of each project.

Some of the pictures could be better considered/edited too. For example, cropping out the date stamp on one of the miscellaneous projects pics.

Thanks for the tips. Some useful criticism.

With regard to the weird lines, that seems to be down to ProSite. Its still a little buggy, which is one of the draw backs