New website and Portfolio....require feedback


I recently launced my website with final work in progress…includes samples of my work and downloads

Please check it out…

I need feeedback.



Nice clean layout and usability.

You renderings and sketches are really great.

Id like to see more of a connection between the project slides and the sketches that go with them. Also titles on the thumbnails of projects would be good so you could see what you are going to look at before clicking it and waiting for it to load.

i always like to see the full process of a project in one overview (sketch to model to rendering, etc.).

Also good that you have a pretty comprehensive overview for each project talking about the design challenge, timing of the project, etc. This is something lots of portfolios forget and assume the viewer will know what they are looking at. The timline of project involvement is also good. Big difference in looking at something that was 2 weeks vs. 8 months in how it should be judged.

Overall a very comprehensive portfolio showing a good spectrum of work and good skills. Id just recommend to make it a little easier to get a quick overivew of your skills in less clicks (ie. without clicking through all the projects, then all the sketches, then you CV,etc.). maybe a splash screen with multiple images or a collage of sorts would help give a 1 look view of your work and draw people in.


PS. the only thing that threw me off a bit, was a few sketches on the sketch page. the angle grinder drawing, and the lapalmtop sketch have elipses in whacky perspective. everything else is spot on, maybe consider replacing these sketches or fix them up.

Great work!

I also liked the clean layout and simple navigation. It really highlights the ID I think.

I was disappointed there was no process on the snow vehicle… :frowning:

Nice variety n the projects (the tea stick to Dell stuff), and you show off your skills well.

I’d like to see more variations, like on the Stapler, it would be cool to see a range of solutions, both functional and stylistic.