new wacom tablet!!!

whaddya think? definitely looks slick! however it is hard to see the benfit of this over a full featured tablet pc or why you pick this newer version over the 21" version which is “only” a lil’ more expensive…

I suppose it’s a halfway point product that hadn’t existed at the moment.

The benefits over a tablet PC:
You’re only holding the screen rather than the whole machine.
Pen Tilt support + hotkeys + touch strips.
Cheaper/smaller then a full Cintiq.

Disadvantages over a tablet:
Only a perhipheral, not a full machine.
Seems priced too high. If the pricing comes down it might be a better intermediate step.

Nice design though.

where was the price?

where was the price?

Was interested also, did some digging:

“Availability and pricing:
The new Cintiq 12WX will be available from November 2007 in the UK from Computers Unlimited and is priced at £829.99 including VAT.”

Found at:[/quote]

Yikes… bit expensive for a 12" widescreen. I’d have to go with a Tecra for that price, and get more monitor for the buck, and all the convenience. Maybe if this was 16-18", might be worth it… but I do ok with my 12" tablet (ebay- $750). Would get the 14" tecra if I had to do it all over again, but that’s why there’s a next time!

was really excited to see this as well…i even called wacom in Vancouver to see if they had one there I could go and look at! dice tho.

I probably would too, though having used a regular Cintiq for the past month, the hotkeys on the side are extremely nice to have, especially in Alias Sketchbook where you can use them to constrain straight lines/eye dropper/pan/zoom all without having to get to the toolbar. Makes it much quicker to sketch than my Tecra.

The tablet PC also doesn’t have tilt sensitivity which can be useful in Painter/Photoshop.

If they could put it out for under $1k USD I think they’d probably get some people thinking about it.

I was really excited when I opened the link, but 5 minutes later and after some thought (and finding out the price!) I’m not so keen… I think jbhitman is right, maybe a larger size… 12" is too small, 21" is too big (well, too expensive)… and its a peripheral rather than a standalone monitor.

15" for $600-$800 US and I would buy it… 12" is nice for portability as far as throwing it into a laptop bag… maybe for $500

The benefits over a tablet PC:
You’re only holding the screen rather than the whole machine.
Pen Tilt support + hotkeys + touch strips.
Cheaper/smaller then a full Cintiq.

hmm…i can really only see the hotkey & touch strip as advantages, even there most tablet pcs have programmable buttons or if you are so inclined you can program certain gestures with the stylus to perform functions (it is an add-on for windows xp & it is supposedly a native feature in windows vista) i want to see it in action, they say it has a 1200x800 widescreen screen…might be a bit awkward trying to manipulate it as you would a cintiq

and its a peripheral rather than a standalone monitor.

true, an expensive one at that! if only it were half that…

you are essentially paying for the ability to hook it up to a mac… I’ve thought about getting a tablet, I’d also have to use friggin windows, and get photoshop, alias sketch book, and illustrator again…

If it is going to be close to a grand, why not just spend a little more to get a tablet laptop?

[quote=“TommyOrtoM”]If it is going to be close to a grand, why not just spend a little more to get a tablet laptop?

Yeah… I’m struggling a bit at the moment figuring out how to update my set-up… Tablet PC or more powerful Laptop and external Wacom intuos?..

Tis a pain…


The pen resolution isn’t nearly as fine as the Wacom technology from what I understand. I would love to hear from someone who uses both a tablet like the M7 shown above AND a Cintiq. From everything I have heard a Cintiq provides a much finer and more realistic drawing experience.

I find the pen resolution on the M7 to be “OK”. Its not there for doing refined drawings, either that or I am not there for doing refined drawings on it (which is possible).

I use both. My home Tablet is a Tecra M7 and at work I have a Cintiq 21UX. The tablet works pretty well for what it is but theres a couple big issues that I personally have with it:

You’re holding the whole machine. It’s heavy, gets very hot underneath, and if you rotate it you’re banging around the hard drive which causes the machine to stutter. It has a few buttons on the top but I’ve found no way of binding those to be used in Alias Sketchbook (only thing I’ve used is the 4 way directional pad to control my music).

The little express buttons on the Cintiq have been a live saver for me. It’s much easier/more fluid for me to push and hold one of the buttons to get to the zoom/pan mode instantly. Normally you’d have to select it, drag it, close out of it, and then if do it all over if you’re not at the right spot. The horizontal/vertical constraint are also really useful, since in the past I just avoided drawing straight lines or I’d have to open the latch of the tablet and jam my finger underneath to push the key down.

I also prefer the Intuos Grip pen to the little Tablet pen…using it 8 hours a day you really begin to appreciate that big cushy grip.

It’s expensive, but remember guys that EVERYTHING Wacom makes comes at a significant premium. You think it really costs them all that much to make most of their hardware?

So while it is almost as expensive as a cheap Tablet PC, it does fill a gap in their product lineup between their larger Intuos tablets and their much more expensive/larger Cintiqs.

Also like it was mentioned, this would be completely Mac friendly and serve as a secondary screen for your laptop/desktop, whereas the tablet is just one device.

It’s nice that they’re starting to revise their lineup. I’m sure you’ll see this is just the beginning of rolling out some new products (along with their Wireless/Bamboo tablets)

… thanks for the info! The long term use makes sense, def thinking about getting one of these for home.

wireless/bamboo? what’s that going to be all about?

junglebrodda, excellent find!

For those in the Americas, I have asked if and when this will be available in the USA. Hopefully we will have an answer soon!

I would rather buy a 12WX than a 21UX due to the size and hopefully lower price.

The more we beg the sooner it will happen! Add to the thread.

Bamboo is their new low end line of tablets, no advantage over the Intuos but they’re nicely designed (and cheap).

They also now have a bluetooth version of their graphire tablet. I would expect to see bluetooth to eventually replace the regular tethered USB interface on some of their other lines.

Considering the Intuos 3 has been around for quite a while, I would say it’s reasonable to expect an update to the line at some point in the near future.

The cintiqs have better pressure levels than the tecra. Also, the tecra screens color accuracy is off-or maybe that’s just because of the coating on mine? The cintiqs color is nice+accurate, like a good monitor. I love my tecra but I wouldn’t use it in photoshop the same way you could with a cintiq. The tecs just for sketchbook pro and the other laptop features. I run all sorts of 3d, music, video editing, etc and it handles them fine.
If this new smaller cintiqs screen is as color accurate as the big ones, that would be great!

yah, the more I think about this thing, the more I think I will be buying one when they release in the US… faster than you can say tax write off.