new: VW Golf+

I am thinking about getting a new car, but my $ is limited upto $25k.

I wish I can buy BMW3 series but too much for right now. Maybe I will consider certified used one or even lease… Not sure…

So, I am thinking about

Mini Cooper S (looks good in pictures but too small and so-so in real)

Honda Element (not my type of car, but always have good review)

Honda Accord Coupe (everyday car that is reasonable)

Toyota Prius (great thing but too slow…)

Ford Mustang2006 (stylish but sometimes looks wierd)

Acura RSX (fast enough but not much style)


Any car lovers out there to give me some suggestion?

What would be the best car to drive that are still affordable and stylish?

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Don’t know if you can get a WRX wagon for $25k…

The new VW GTI.

It just came out in a 4 door also. Turbo, direct injection gasoline. Not too bad on gas either.