New vehicle with Segway technology

Here is a company that is developping a new transportation vehicle based on the Segway technology.

Foot note: the owner (Charles Bombardier) is also the president of Segway Canada and is related to the Bombardier familly (well known for the Ski-doo)

It look like a pull car. It ugly and just for the lay people that want to get fat. Just use a bicycle instead of these wierd things.

Looks like another Green wash attempt.

How does it being “electric” make it clean? Where the hell does it get its electricity, and how is it being stored?

The government or some kind of institution need to impose some kind of standard before anyone can claim that their products are clean. Like “EPA certified”

pretty damn silly, use 4 (or 3) wheels and cut its cost by 70
%…them gryos and puters are spendy.

OH jebusus it uses batteries and how that juice is made is a local question, could be gerbals running in tred mills for all I care.

and here it thought the segway couldnt get and dumber. now you look like a handicapped dork and roll around pulling a lever between your legs…

just because it can be made, doesnt always mean it should.

now if this technology could actually be put into a wheelchair for real disabled people, there might be something to it…


I think the next 1 hour design challenge should be to design something either cool or useful (hopefully both) from the Segway technology. Very cool tech, way too expensive, and all you get for it is a neon sign that says DORK.

DORK + more money than sense :slight_smile:


Also, Segways are still illegal up here! (Canada, Quebec).

I didn’t know Segways were illegal here. I remember seeing one at the car show a few years ago. Strange…but typically Canadian.

As for the Zeus, that’s Canadian too. Electricity north of the US border is mostly hydro-electricity, and therefore non-polluting and cheap. That’s why Bombardier is looking into this.

As for the seating, I think it’s maybe an interesting idea if scaled up. I found an article on the CBC site about a guy that was stopped for riding his Segway on the road without a license or insurance. It’s true, they are potentially too fast for the sidewalk, and too slow for the road, where do they go? If the driver is seated, perhaps the Segway tech could be good for a 40 mph scooter. That would improve its opportunities.

Lastly, I love the English in the video, “11 time more efficient”. That is really French-Canadian. Just this week I stopped our company from introducing the “STD”. I love language!

Hey, at least its not this…

Here’s another creation based on the same principle, from the core77 pages!

Any true blooded bikers out there???

That kid is from Toronto. What’s up with them Canajans, eh?