New Vans a step in the right direction or a step to far?

Hi fellow footwear friends

I wanted to bring to your attention if you hadn’t already seen them the new Vans LVXI collection. I have my reservations about how a material like phylon will stand up to being ripped apart by the sandpaper from a skateboard not to mention the weld fabric and nylon. , or if this is design of product crossed over into a casual lifestyle area which Vans has not saturated. In anycase I think that they look pretty cool even thou a little nike sb koston ish.

and here

I’m not a big sneaker hound, and I haven’t skated in years, but I love the new direction. Classic vans are great, but I’ve longed for a a more modern take on the classic vans white foxing and waffle sole, and some more modern features/support. I like the durability of skate shoes, but not the bulkiness, several years ago Vans had the Rowley slim, which I like so much I bought 3 pairs in different colors, but after those discontinued and I wore them out, I didn’t find much I liked. However, since these dropped, I have been trying to decide which pair to snag (also waiting on a Zappos supplier coupon from my GF :wink: )

I think Vans has crossed over. I wear a lot of skate shoes and I’ve never stood on a board without falling immediately.

Having said that, I’m with Username on the look. Wow! These are what I’ve been shopping all summer for!

I love them and I think Van’s has enough other product in the line to support a more lifestyle direction.