New USPS Mail Trucks Could Be Put On Hold Due To Climate Concerns

Climate concerns? Really? My eyes!

While I am all for protecting the polar bears from the fallouts of a 10 year contract over anxient tech I am more concerned for unsuspecting pedestrians.
And for their eyesight.

I would not want to befriend Bezos. But Amazon is doing top notch work on what ever field I run into their services.
Perhaps we should let them run health care as well.

(Black humor.)

Looks as though the design team at Grumman are pinching pennies by bypassing traditional forms of concept development and going straight to the internet for images to develop designs from. The low-poly trend in CAD is now making its way into physical world vehicle design it appears. :wink:

Its a good thing BigTech is being de-funded on Wall Street lately. This shite! is too easy to find…