New Update and Style

You may notice that things have changed a little bit in here, that’s because things have been updated. Let me know if you find any issues with the new board and I’ll do my best to correct it in a timely manner.

RN I’m through app but later gonna check it from pc browser!

Looks nice Will.

I have had a few issues just uploading and attaching images though.
They would just go missing when I hit the “post” button.

So I resorted to linking to images online instead which worked fine.

Looks good, though the font in the posts is a bit small for my taste. The font while writing a message is bigger, or actually, just right. Also, can we have the ‘active posts’ and ‘new posts’ links on the board index page back?

new font for reading is nice but way too small.

+1 To this. Way easier to navigate the boards with Active Topics and New Posts for those of us who are frequent visitors.

Thanks for the update, though, Will! So far looks pretty great.

Test attach


Can you try again, I just uploaded these attachments without issue.

holtag & mo-i
I’ve made the font larger, is this a good size? Refresh your browser if you don’t see the change.

The ‘active posts’ and ‘new posts’ are in a drop-down menu on the right.

Looks good! It’s much much easier to use on mobile without Tapatalk

This and other discussions under Core77 Site Feedback forum don’t show up under Active Topics, was that done intentionally?

An ‘Active Topic’ is determined by lots of views or posts.
Maybe you are looking for ‘New Posts’?

No more complaints from me. Thanks Will, great job!

Thank’s holtag

There is something funny that happens sometimes on the front page… all of a sudden all the “new” posts are exclusively from the “Student & Schools” section. It’s like this for a short period of time, then it goes back to normal.
Doesn’t really bother me. I was just wondering why this happens.

Is this just me?

Is this on the main site?

Yes. I usually just check that out to see if there are any new posts.

Okay, I’ll forward it to their developers and see what’s going on. Did it happen before the new version too?

No, just recently. I noticed it maybe 3-4 times. Not recently though.
Maybe it was just a glitch.
If it happens again, I grab a screenshot.

Just thought it was strange that it would for a short period of time only pull from one forum.