New Tria markers

I ran across the new redesigned Tria marker today and was wondering what everyone tought about the new design.

Personnaly, I think it is a bit too much with the rubber grip and the transparency. The older version was cleaner, iconic and recognizable.

They also changed the color system and it doesn’t have anything to do with the pantone scale anymore, does anyone know if this has something to do with the redesign?

The Pantone numbering system was one of the biggest advantages of it… favorite color? 365? 021?

I have not seen the new markers in person yet but i would agree that they are not as iconic as the original. as for the pantone relationship, I heard that pantone pulled the licensing agreement away from tria in favor of creating there own line of markers, so stay tuned…

021 for me YO

I had those for awhile. They dried up really really quickly. They were quality markers, but the cool greys were more of neutral tone grey than a traditional cool grey. I switched to Copics and much prefer them to the Trias. As for the coloring system, I liked the Pantones better.

The design well…

I thought the colored/clear center was an improvement to the sticker they had. The old sticker fades in use.

For me not so good are:
-They put the color code on the cover …very small.
-The code on the side is a small sticker that peals it self from the marker.
-I started with the Tria markers because of the pantone color coding and they had the refill canisters. They stopped both.
-The quick change center section I thought was a good alternative, but it looks like the connection is not very tight. Also the twist-click like fix of the tips to the center section is a bit weak.

But what I REALY HATE is that the cap inner is not tapered and is so sharp that you will (or at least I) ruine the felt tip in the first hour using them.

Sorry Tria but now I am switching to Copic.


I’ve heard people say they dry up quickly. Isn’t buying catridges instead of ink for refill more expensive?

For me the fact that I now have a lot of markers that it is getting harder and harder to get refills for (most of the colours have run out in the stores I’ve been to) put me off letraset (yes, I’m disappinted!). This combined with the fact that I’ve just moved to a place where Copics are easily available (wohoo!) made me change marker brand :slight_smile:

On the design: I think they look more like a toy than a serious tool. Don’t know why but to my the simple, clean looks of copics make them look like they’re the real deal.

They are terrible.
They dry out way too quickly.
The refills are more expensive and do not last as long.
Not matching with Pantone makes their numbering system useless and annoying.
Word is that Pantone is going to make their own set.

Has no one else had problems with the caps falling off while in bags etc? I’ve never lost money so fast. Nightmare.

I was bummed they ditched the ultra fine point…Tria was my favorite quick sketch medium and that point was perfect for callouts and little details…and if i carried 2 or 3 with me everywhere I went it covered everything I might need.

Totally agree with the other stuff too, especially the bit about breaking tips on the inside of the cap…and the Pantone jazz…Tria broke my heart.

I don’t understand why markers are such shit. Designers all use them but they’re so poorly designed…I’ve ruined so many sketches because of bad labeling.

One bonus - the old Tria ink refills are selling for dirt cheap right now. I’m stocking up…

I bought a few greys. I liked the original design, and liked that the marker didn’t bleed ballpoint in the original formula (or at least less so than some markers). I have also heard through the grapevine that pantone pulled licensing for TRIA, whether its because they were planning a new line, or they were unsatisfied with the color matching I am not sure.

The clear plastic piece is a bit much, but i have had the labels completely rub off on old TRIAs, so maybe its not such a bad idea. The new caps are certainly more troublesome than the old ones…The tolerances on the snap it are worse, and event that rubber grip one is hard to separate off. I am also disappointed in the replacement of the fine tip with just a smaller felt tip. They probably had to redesign anyways after losing Pantone to keep their image positive, but I think its kind of a downturn.

i got a nice set a while back, now they are all useless - dried up and quickly too!
but the worst thing was the cap split the chisel tip on quite a few.
i am looking for some new markers now, not gonna get these ones again!

Aargh! I just now tried to use some new Tria markers I bought spring quarter before I left for co-op, and they’re all dried up, every single one of them. I barely used them before I left and the caps were on tight and everything. I see my professors use markers that are probably older than I am, this is bullshit!

Oy! I loved my old Trias. I hated it when they stopped coming with the stand. I really liked the coloring system ( pantone), but I loved how when you got a new one they were spot on, you knew when 250-t crapped out then new one would be just as useless as the last one. I hope that tria has kept their disscression on colors that come in sets. I hate how prismacolors come in sets of like 48 with twelve colors that you will never use ever. It is like ’ oh look a mix of periwinkle bage, has anything ever been this color?’