New Toy - What to Include with it

Hi All,

I am launching a new action figure / designer toy in the near future and thought it would be good to do some pre-planning.

What sort of material should come with this designer toy?

  1. informational pamphlet
  2. stickers
  3. certificate of authenticity
  4. company bio

what sort of additions add value to the product and could drive sales up?

Just wondering what others have done.


a lot of the UNKL stuff just comes with great back stories around all of the characters that make them really endearing.

Back stories do help a lot, especially with new “toys”, and those that aren’t licensed to particular and known brands or licenses. A cool artworked back story would be even better!

I guess it adds to the offering, and offers a fuller experience to the buyer.

I like your thought of a certificate of authenticity too. Numbered editions are great, but probably a pain to instigate!

I worked in toys field over 15 years, and producing toys for oversea company now,here is my suggestions:

1)Instruction is ebough,no pamohlet need,unless your toy is very complex;
2)stickers made your toy look cheap,painting is more better but also expensive;
3)No need this certificate, but you need certificate of painting, color podwer, material complied with RoHS…
4)Your company logo;
5)Original place(e.g.:Made in USA);
6)Some warning information printed on packing box;
7)Other informations which EN71 has regulated;

Help it is helpful to you.We can discuss your toy and production.I am a manufacturer.