new topics on core77 homepage

has anyone noticed the increased number of posts involving “how stuff is made” ?? is there something behind this?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

do people find these interesting?

I was debating adding comments, examples, as some of the details could be clearer. Also, there is cross reference: for example, today’s on “coining” is also an injection mold tooling term having nothing to do with coin fabrication, yet of interest when battling draft angles.


I personally enjoy them very much. they’re fascinating and nice eye candy.

I also find them interesting and very appropriate. Definitely a welcome departure from the endless design-art object features as it was starting to feel like ID magazine around here… :laughing:

“how stuff is made”? I blame TV.

I think they are a great addition to the posts. We of all people should be interested in the different manufacturing processes.

I think they are great, really helps expand people’s know how very quickly.

Personally I’d like to see more about the latest material technologies and manufacturing processes over final products.

I think as creatives it would get our juices going a lot more when we see the possibilities in something new we could use rather than just a slick finished product… they get enough intrawebs coverage as it is, you only need look at Engadget or Gizmodo to see all that kind of stuff.

Also, cross referencing other creative industries would be nice, maybe architectural processes or something.

Remember, no one has new ideas, it’s all about applying existing ideas to a new problem :slight_smile:

But I love Core77 whatever they do so don’t think this is a hate on post :slight_smile:

lol, “how stuff is made”…

my girlfriend hates that show… why? … because i turn into a zombie when it comes on…

i think its a very critical part to every designer, to understand and even master process. with that, i feel you can complete a project with hightened level of quality.

i think ross lovegrove stole my ideas… j/k

i dig the posts. very informative and like TaylorWelden siad nice candy. and come on who doesn’t like candy?