New to UX where do I start?

Hey everyone, I’m getting ready to go to gradschool and want to make sure I have the best start possible. I’m interested all the products that fuse digital and physical elements but am really unsure of where to start on the digital side. What’s a good place to start in ux as someone who wants to get into industrial design? It wouldn’t solely fall to a ux designer right?

Can you ask your question more clearly? Its unclear whether you are asking about software tools, design methods, or what to expect in grad school for ID or UX. What are you asking?

Ah I’m sorry for the vagueness, probably partly due to the previously mentioned inexperience with ux. I have several months before actually starting at grad school (Risd) so I want to start studying it now so I dont have to waste time learning the basics there. But I have no idea where to begin in methodology or programs. Any advice would be appreciated.

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what’s your background?
and are you interested in coding or not-coding?

My background is in art and jewelry. I currently work designing jewelry using rhino and zbrush in a small team. I’m not opposed to learning coding. New technologies tend to be very engaging for me.