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Hey I just put some stuff from last year on the coroflot, I am looking for imput and what things i should add or delete to get freelance. I am working now and have been for the last yr. I am also a student and starting my junior yr. I am 21 yrs old. I am excited about shoe design it i smy love and passion. feel free to be as harsh as you want I like critiques. I also do alot of sketching in the process of scanning and putting those on aswell…I just put the page up yesterday.

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Mark Miner

the site is

I am majoring in Communication design. and I have never taken one product or shoe design course in my life. i collect shoes and play ball. I have been wrapped up in shoe culture, I have learned alot in my year of working for undisclosed companies and all that I have learned I could never have in school. China was fucking amazing trip to put out development samples…

Definitely gotta get more of the quick rough sketches in. All of the designers love those. Quick ones, like 5 min. or less, good enough to put on the wall and understand clearly. People don’t seem to respect the illustrator stuff that much, I guess people think it takes too long. If you had any final illustrations, samples or 3-d models of the finished shoes, that should help also. Lots of things change once you see the 3-d.

I didnt design these for my portfolio, these were actual concepts for development, no logos added, I took off. and my boss like illustrator. i am custom to it and can get shoes out (upper and outsole) outlined in less then 10min. this is long comapred to a sketch, but I sketch maybe 15-30 ideas out scan them and then trace them in illustrator. I agree illustrator can take a while in some cases, i just really dont like photoshop. I first used the computer for my graphic design peices, and so got used to illustrator. you have to remember I have never taken any shoe design or product design courses. I am self taught, and at my job for the past yr, I have learned soo much I cant even tell you how much i have learned. but what do you think of the work. I understand that it is not very futuristic conceptually. I have development pictures but because of copyright and other regulations from manufactors i cant show pictures yet still in developments.

But what do you think, i wish i had more space because i feel like i am not really being able to show off my whole talents.

Thank you for your response. I will be adding on more soon as i get my school homework done, school comes first.

I understand what you’re saying. I was using Illustrator instead of hand sketching for close to 5 yrs, I was known as the pen tool guru. Could do drwngs with no underlays or wacom extremely quickly. But hand sketches just have an extra life about them everyone loves to look at, will get them more excited than the illustrator stuff. I’ve been making the transformation, getting my drawing hand back. Look at Yo’s shoe sketches he has posted in the footwear or works in progress section. Those are really quick 5 min types including the marker work (I’m assuming). Those come across really good when presenting, people see the emotion and intent better than the finished stuff. And, as I’ve heard so frequently (and it’s true), you don’t always have access to a computer. And nothing wows people more than if you crank out a nice hand sketch right in front of them in 2 min.

If the portf is lacking due to professional constraints, you have to do your own stuff on the side to show the skills. I’m currently working on that myself, pro work is almost always under non-disclosure, by the time I can show, it’s an outdated rep of my skills. Do stuff on your own, show those quick sketches and the ugly designs that led up to the sweet looking one and people will be very responsive to you and your skills.

The work is good, looks like good pro stuff I’d see for sale in the stores. Shows you know how to finalize the details into a good competent package. Can’t really say much more though. That’s kind of the point I was trying to make. The finished lines don’t convey as much of the intent, or soul of the project. Your proposed end user, etc. Your original pure intent before things have to be constrained for manufacturing purposes, and your ability to portray it and get it across. That’s the stuff interviewers like to see. Like those car designers with the slick stuff. Some of it may not be completely refined with cut lines, handle details, etc in the beginning. But you can tell from those cool sketches quickly whether it’s meant to be for the intimidating, “no need for big windows, I don’t care what’s on the ground, I roll right over it” hummer market or the “I want this convertable 2 seater because it matches my favorite pumps” market. Those things may not be as blatantly obvious in final pictures of the finished car as they are in those juicy sketches.

Only one other note, just more stuff. Different shoes. Make each board a different show design with all of the stuff incorporated in that one board. Do your own conceptual stuff, doesn’t have to only be stuff you did just for a client. My whole portfolio is conceptual, can’t show any of the pro stuff except some of the outdated stuff from over 5 yrs ago that I wouldn’t really want to show anymore. Hope this helped some. Good luck.

Yes that is true do my own stuff on the side. haha but that is so hard especially if you do something on the side that u like alot and u want to proceed with it and make it a reality and not just a design for the eyes of the people looking at your portfolio, also that is hard as it is kinda to do my school work here at parsons, which is extremely competiteve and a large work load as it is and be working professionally at teh same time, it has been rough at times…many nights gone search in my fields of ideas to find nothing, it can drain you, but i look at it like a way to make me stronger. I will try to do even more side work, school comes first so I wil be trying my best, and that is all we can ask for…well and some nice weather doesnt hurt.