New to Shoe designing, first try

Hey guys, I’m new here. Decided to join after browsing away for months. There are some really spectacular works on here.

Here is my first major try at a show, I love shoes and doodling, but this was my first focused attempt at designing. I am still a rookie and would like criticism to help guide me towards the right direction.

tell me what u think

Anyone? It would reallly help me out

It is definitely a good attempt for your first crack at it. What is your background? Have you studied product design? Is this design just for fun?

As for the rendering, it looks a little flat to me. I think outlining where the different material sections meet would make it pop a little more. The proportions look fairly accurate, but the arch in seems too be a little too forward, toward the toe. There should be more sole in front of the arch near the toe than behind it. That might just require moving it slightly. The outsole also looks very flat. What happens with the outsole at the heal? Also, what type of closure system, laces, zipper, etc., were you thinking of using?

These are just things you might want to consider when going forward in developing this design or future designs. The design itself looks dynamic, but for some reason I feel like I have seen it before. Maybe there is away to push this idea a little further…

I have no previous design background. I just finished first year urban planning, I just love shoes, so yeh, this was pretty much a fun thing. I was thinking of using a zipper system. I will revisit this, and implement your advice and go on from there.

Thanks again