new to shoe design

i have a degree in industrial design but have only recently gotten interested in designing shoes. I have done a few sketches and would love to hear what you have to say.

there are a few more older sketches under the portfolio/sketching section of my website

Your designs are good! keep it up!

Nice stuff, so do you go to scad? If so, how is it?

I developed one of my sketches in illustrator and then in photoshop

let me know what you think

Not a bad start

A few things.

1- the thick linework makes it look kind of cartoony.
2- that thing got any rubber on the bottom or what? You most likely would not see a double row stitch along the bottom of the shoe like that. The rubber is usually glued onto the bottom, or constucted like a driving shoe or wrestling shoe. Check out some real shoes, cut 'em up and disect them. And then try revising the design based on what you learn.
3- Sometimes a heavy texture will actually flatten your rendering out, as with that strap. Try to balence it with a light leather texture on some other parts of the shoe.

Thanks for posting. I look forward to seeing your work grow in here.

thanks for the advice YO

Nice job seeing that you just became interested in the industry. :smiley:

ok here is another

proportions are good, and the linework is much better (still could go down, I usually do it at point .25 very fine line, and make the shoe about 11"-12" long which is about a men’s size 9.)

the design is not as original as your first one, while very nice, it lost a little of the innovative look and cool fit system

the rendering needs some help. your light source is not bad, but it needs to be smoothed out.

Here’s and older one of mine of a shoe that is now in production: It’s not a very good rendering, but it might help for reference. Also check out the photoshop demos in the sketching section of this site.

thanks for the advice Yo. I hit the drawing board again using the scale and line weight you talked about and heres what I got.

yeah, you turned it up a notch.

The next steps would be:

1_ working out some other views: I’d be curious what the top view might look like on that.

2_ textures. Scan in a bunch of materials, meshes, leathers, ect, and lightly apply textures through the texturizer filter.

3_ rubber, a little bit of the add noise filter set to monochromatic gives the rubber a good hit.

4_ some of the shading still needs to be smoothed out. To hit the edges of the rubber and overlays I usual use the bevel and emboss function in the layers palette, mush more consistant