New to PRATT!!

Hey I’m a transferring student from South America… (Majoring in Architecture) Anybody out there who has a bit of advice on how to survive a semester at PRATT? I´m looking forward to meet people, I’ll be there in mid August… too anxious to wait!!… Drop a message!!

omg PRATT!!!

ill be a freshman come august, but its pretty cool thaat ur from paraguay. i was born in argentina and i go to punta del este all the time. u ever been?

I’m not from anywhere cool like South America… I’ll be a freshman at Pratt in August as well.

well it’s not south america but it’s still pretty chill, i’m from southern cali, and i’ll be an undergrad freshie in the photography dept. hit me back kids

thats exciting that youre coming to the northern half of america…im not, im already here…but ill be at pratt too. awesome to meet you :slight_smile:

<3 emma

I’m so excited to find another photography major!!! :stuck_out_tongue: It seemed like no one was…
BTW I’m also from Southern California. Orange County, to be exact. I grew up in the Bay Area though.