New to Modo and just asking around....

hi guys

I just learned at school today that they have just installed Modo onto our lab computers. Not really for us ID students but for the Multimedia ones (go figure) but that’s not to say we can’t utilize it… anyway, I have heard of the program in the past, but never thought we’d get it. We already are being taught Alias and Solidworks and Rhino (well, we aren’t taught Rhino… it just happens to be available on our lab comptuers). I am slowly learning Alias (and some Rhino) and was wondering if a Alias or Rhino native file could be imported into Modo and used strictly for the rendering capabilities of Modo? I know Modo is also a 3D modeler, but since I am very impressed by the rendered examples they show on their site, i wonder if you can render non-Modo files, such as Alias?



Yes you can. I’ve played with Modo only for a bit and there are a lot of sweet rendering options, especially with the studio lighting kit they have. Lets you do a near real-world photo setup and get very nice results.

My biggest issue wound up being just not having enough time to learn it. There were some slightly odd data conversion issues I got with OBJ’s out of Alias, but thats something that I’m sure can be worked out with the right settings. Rhino is also great for importing and exporting data so if you have both I don’t see any issues.

Hi Cyberdemon,

Yes, from the Modo site, I did get the impression that Rhino files can be transferred into Modo just fine. I will have to try it sometime. I am still learning Rhino, but I will keep you updated in the next few months as to how it works out for me. Their renderings are just like you say … very realistic. I can’t wait to see what results I get. If not, I will just stick to Keyshot, which is what most of my classmates are currently using.