New to ID!

Hi all!

I am community college student searching for the right fit of ID program/school. I have received several info. packets, but none are from the schools mentioned in prior posts. How about extending the “Top 5” to say “Top 10”? I want to pursue a biz degree as well. All thoughts, opinions, and advice is welcome.

Definitely, check out University of Cincinnati. Not only do they have a top 5 program in their DAAP school but also provide 1.5 years of PAID experience through their coop program. In addition, they have a very decent business program there,which also provides coops.

Finally, being a state school, it is a bit less expensive then their private school counterparts.

Wow! You are right about UC Taxguy! The place is amazing! I must have spent 2-3 hours on it’s website. Thanks again for the insight.

Hey, would you happen to know DesignIntelligence’s Top 10 for 2008?