new to ID

hi,i’m new to ID and would like to know more about it. I have seen some nice composition images and drawings. What I would like to know is how do I refine my line works in photoshop or illustrator after I have scanned it in. Is there a certain feature I press for refined line work ?


i think this has been asked before, but anyway :

once you’ve scanned it into PS you can export it to illustrator, make some layers on each layer define approximate output zones, make it come close to what you want, then export to PS, use image, layer, and filter menus to make it more realistic.

personally i don’t do this though. i just cad the rough sketch and render it.

thanks for the info…but when I draw in illustrator and make some lines, is there any way to lithen or darken up certain parts of the line. Like when I hand sketch a single line, I make one end thicker and darker than the other…is there a way to do that in illust…thanks