New to Core77. Hi Everyone - Product Designer at SolidDesign


New to Design forums, I am founder of SolidDesign Consultancy, a product design company based in Manchester UK. Our website is relatively new, have a look and let me know what you think. www.

We also have a new product design blog www.
If you want to have your design featured on our site get in touch.


So you have told us, of your 7 posts, most have been about your site or blog, please contribute to the forum in a meaningful way or this will begin to be treated as spam.

It’s not bad, maybe the OP is missing something.

I have a question for josh_646: How did you manage to get the funding to start your own product design consultancy? How are you staying in business? Are you getting a lot of clients and how? I’m curious because the design consultancy market is saturated.

great questions!