New television series looking for industrial designers

Hello Designers! I am a casting assistant currently working on a new, unscripted television series that will feature design and engineering enthusiasts. I came across this forum in my research for industrial designers and mechanical engineers, and thought this opportunity may be of interest to some people. Please take a look at this casting notice, and contact us if this is something you are interested in learning more about:


Magilla Entertainment and a major cable network are now casting a real-life MacGyver! Do you build your own furniture? Take apart random electronics and use the pieces? Solve complex problems with only your wit and basic objects? If so, we are looking for outgoing and fun personalities who have the knack to build, create, and design epic inventions and cool contraptions. If you are a resourceful person and believe that you are a modern day MacGyver, contact us ASAP! This new series will feature unique and seemingly unsolvable problems for a real-life MacGyver to figure out using improvisation, intelligence and whatever random items they have at their disposal.

To be considered, please email us at and include your name, age, location, occupation, phone number, a recent picture and why you consider yourself as resourceful as MacGyver. Industrial Design, Science and engineering backgrounds a plus!

Does anyone under 35 know who MacGyver was? Just curious.

I do, but I’ve never seen an episode.

I think MacGruber was more influential.

I like that.

A MacGruber show would be far better than MacGyver show. Nothing worse than watching some putzes taking themselves too seriously. Whenever I question my morality in designing crap destined for the landfill I remind myself I don’t produce reality shows.

Shouldn’t these people pay for a ad in Coroflot?

Good luck over at YouTube!