New Tecra M4 Tablet PC thoughts

I am thinking about returning my new Toshiba R15 for a Tecra M4 as it has a dedicated nvidia graphics card and not shared memory Intel Extreme 2 integrated graphics. It also has 533 MHZ FSB Memory and a faster RPM HD (5400 RPM insteadof 4200). Oh and the native LCD screen resolution is higher too. Oh and it is a true Sonoma CPU and not a Dothan.

Will this help with my Rhino and Flamingo to justify like $500-$600 more in cost…but worth it? ? Any thoughts?

I either keep the R15 and do rthe heavy renderings on my desktop workstation or spring the extra cash for the Tecra M4. Customizing it on Toshiba’s site will incur tax since I am in Calif. Sighs.

Should be a good spec to run Rhino and Flamingo with Alias Sketch and Painter. The Tecra M4 looks like it will be a solid tablet PC for ID folks.