New tabs

A couple three weeks ago, clicking a discussion board link would automatically open a new tab. Now it doesn’t.

Is that a function of the website or a setting on my browser?

If it is a function of your website, please note my single vote for switching back to automatically opening a new tab.

2nd vote for switching back.

Hmm. I always click with open in a new tab. I never noticed if it did it on its own…

I forgot to mention it was clicking a discussion board link from the main Core77 page.

ah, that might have to do with how they set links up on the main page. I’ll forward this to the team there.

Hi - do you mean when you click on the individual forum links in the “Forums” drop down of the navigation?

Or do you mean clicking on a link inside a blog post?

Or do you mean clicking on an individual forum topic in the ‘Discussion Board’ section on the home page?

My front end developer is out today, but I’ll ask about this tomorrow.

This one.

If I had my druthers, I’d have a blog post open in a separate tab too.

I sort of expected a site wide “introductions” section to get to know you all!