new Stratos Concept

The origional Lancia Stratos is one of my favorite car designs. Iconic and Powerful in a tiny package.

Any thoughts on this new version? Reintroduction of something that should have never left the marketplace or more JayMaysifation retro futurism proliferation?

More pics:

Wow! Other than racing circles, I didn’t know this was car was that well known.

When I was a kid, I had a Stratos model when I was a kid and also a Stratos RC car from Radio Shack.

The two things I liked most about the design was the way the nose curved up from the front tire and the rear curved up to the deck from the rear tire.

Sadly, the model no longer exists, especially since it was the better rendition of the two.


The Stratos is on my list of cars to own at some point in my life. :sunglasses:

I suppose I might settle for the new concept. :wink:

While the new Stratos really shows it lineage from the original, it almost looks like a caricature or cartoon - a bit bloated from the lean, muscular original. I do like the interior sketches, however. I’d buy it!

apart the front light not in Family with Lancia, but close to Lamborghini it looks not bad.
But I hope this Kind of things will be work of Lancia Centro Stile who’s working good.
Absolutely no to the front window divided…it looks strange and not Stratos. The front window realides starting from a circle glass was one of the “legend” of the real one…please leave it alone.

Like it but hope will stay as a nice trial.


no thanks, I’m a purist … they should just REintroduce the original.

Yep, I like the original much, much better. The new one looks way overstyled… I want to go at it with an eraser and take some extra crap out.

Of course, it might work in person - I’ve been wrong about passing judgement on cars in photos before. But I even think it looks chubby in the renderings.

Does the internet put 10 pounds on you like TV does?

My question is: why do the car makers feel it necessary to reiterate their former glories that have recently been highlighted in Gran Turismo? (other than marketing reasons, ugh).

I guess Lancia and Ford have in common that they both have allowed great traditions to be watered down, and destroyed. Lancia being out of rallying for decades since the Stratos and Delta, Ford recently departing F1, and struggling in their rally efforts. Both car companies have had trouble creating the stir in the road cars at the same time.

Perhaps they both should be as daring as the original GT40 and Stratos. But than again, that would be taking a risk.

looks gallardo-ish to me for some reason. and other than maybe general proportions and color…i dont see any retrofuturism from the older model

agreed with d-flux. The designer kept the general windshield shape and car proportions and designed a pretty cool car. I though that it looked a little clunky at first, short wheel base and disproportionate height, but after looking at the original Stratos the new design has grown on me somewhat

It’s great to see interest in a stratos redesign. But I wish there was more attention to the little details of the original, Where’s the ugly radiator ventilation (front hood), what the hell are all of those vents doing there, where’s the rear spoiler?. most of all, you can’t have a Stratos without some sweet pop-ups. Love the color though :sunglasses: and cool sketches

hope it still gets Ferrari power :open_mouth:

Can it be left to the museums of the world and not tampered with? The new concept is a horrible attempt to reach God. Many try and fail. Heres to another massive failure…

Marcello Gandini also did a Stratos-esque car a few years ago that I think actually capyures the original a bit better. Check it out here:

they both kinda suck, something in the middle might be nice though :smiley:

I don’t like the divided front glass, and I think that rounder headlights might help…other than that I don’t think it’s too bad. Looks a little less balanced than the original, a little too bulbous in the nose - but overall it does well.

the vents are ugly as sin, way over done