new starter portfolio

here is my coroflot portfolio. This is just a start to a portfolio and then after the real thing will come a website.

I would love all comments

not 100% on how to get a more direct link to this

you can get a more direct link by typing
i.e.: mine is Michael DiTullo, Award winning design leader. Former Nike and frog design director. Former CDO Sound United. in Portland, OR

Nicer when emailing it around.

The work looks really well crafted with nice functional insights. The chair is the only one that visually looks a little confusing to me.

What type of position are you looking for? A furniture design position? The profile is not as clear as it could be. Also you have not shown any process, mock ups, ideation sketches, research. I think those kinds of things would round out you nice final product photography shots.

Great work though, I personally I like the idea of the coffee table a lot.

well i definitely know that my ideation and sketching is no where close to what happens in a traditional industrial design way. They are abstract and make absolutely no sense to anyone else. So I am working on making it better, or just doing it at all. But at the same time I really do not mind that I do not fit into a practical ID portfolio. It is way more an art kind of portfolio, which is what my background is, and I find this way quite satisfying, but its good advise to think about.

As far as what my stand point is, whether it is furniture design, art, or critical design that is to pose a question… I am still searching, that is what grad school is doing for me right now. So maybe a little more info about the pieces in the description part might work.


oh also, for everyone esle now that the more specifics are pointed out about the portfolio stuff, I would much rather have comments about my work… a real portfolio will come later… then I will post that!

I agree with ‘yo’ in that some sketches would help, these are what show you off and this is what employers and fellow employees will be seeing while you’re with them and explaining things. These are often more insightful than the final polished products.

Having said that your photography of your pieces looks excellent - good, clean style and the blurred person gives that all important scale. I like the bookshelf in particular, detail views are good as this is what makes the piece. Did you do these yourself or pay to have them professionally done?

The only thing I would suggest is as you said you are from an art background to add some of the research images that you have used or have been quite important/influential as I’m sure you have very rich research leading up to these solutions - this adds another dimension to the design as it is showing off you researching skills as well - which are very important.

Hope that all helps, good luck with it!

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Thank you for the feedback. All of the projects/pieces I made myself, I love making because of my sculpture background. I definitely make sure my photos are as clean as can be because that really is a full representation of my work and if you can not see it in person then seeing it nice and clean in a photo can make or break your piece when others are viewing it.

Of course it is a shame that the blue dresser only can be shown by photo because most people do not fully understand it unless they interact with it, and that is a very important part of that piece. The relationship the user makes with the object and the feelings they go through are quite important.

This is true, but for the blue dresser perhaps this is an area that using illustrations combined with your photographs will be able to show how it works and how one interacts with it. I recently used this technique in just using line drawings done on Illustrator for a project and it worked very well - it is very clear what you are demonstrating and there is no colour, tone etc. moving your attention away from the piece itself and how it works.

This could also be in-keeping with your clean style of photography, and I think could work quite well. After all these images are meant to be communicating to the viewer, so adding little extra pieces in like this communicate what a thousand words would find it hard to do! It also adds another skill to your collection!!!

Good luck with it, very nice pieces of work, keep the model making up as well!


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