New solutions for supermarket checkout counter issues

There are lot of checkout counter issues that need some solutions such as speed of the clerks in assessing the products and the flow of the customers during holiday seasons. Are there any solutions formulated regarding these issues? What are the stuffs that we need to improve in the checkout counter area?

I was just thinking if there would be a change in the form of the counter like making it into a simplier form but with high quality equipments installed on it. Do you think this might help solve the problems?

When all the packaging are embedded with passive RFID chips the customers can just push their shopping carts under a reciever and within seconds all the contents will be scanned and the total amount will be calculated. This system will probably be incorporated with the existing self check out machines that are currently used in some supermarket. The amount will be displayed on the machine and the customer will proceed to pay using credit card or cash. Passive RFID does not require onboard energy source they power up using the radio frequency sent by the receiver.

Its will be like how we pay for our tolls driving on the turnpikes and bridges using EZpass.

There probably will be a need to set up a printer like machine to create labels for loose produce that you bag yourself. Example you buy 4 pounds of grapes and then on the scale that you use to weigh the grapes will be a button that you press to print out this label and attach to your bag.

This method will probably speed out checkout by 80% (an absolute amature guess).

yup. that would really speed up the flow in the counter. But the the only thing is that it would require a major change in the market. Packages should include RFID chip right. What if we are only required to change or develop the counter area.

Coz when you think of that RFID thing you are already thinking of modifying the whole supermarket. But what if we are only allowed to transform the counter area? And we should take some considerations to the clerks too right?

Thanks for the idea. It really helps.