New Sketches, have a look

Hi again folks

Reuben here to show what he has been doing.
Just fired these out, they are ment to be going in to a Nike comp in germany in like 2 days

the inspiration for the boots came from an “Octopus and is suckers”

hope you like it and have some comments for me.

cheers Reuben
“Over a thousand people checked out my Student design work”
So So happy!!!

I really liked so much…

just if I was doing, would try to join a more little of “symbolic value”. . .

soccer has many symbolic values that can be taken advantage of, from the energy, speed and aggressiveness until the teams and same players known all over the world; please not to confuse that with marketing, but just to take advantage of some of those aspects presents in the game to insert in the product design …

congratulations, you have a good work. . .

i reckon lose the ‘graffiti’ font youv got on there, i hate that font. (imo etc.)