New Sketches...Feedback Needed!!

Below is a sketch of a shoe that I created…i would love to hear feedback about the design. I am teaching myself how to draw and therefore somewhat limited to how I can illustrate my concept. thanks.

reduced images would help to see them better.

your ideas are cute but i think you really need to work on proportions and perspective before anything else.

my advice is to print out some photos of shoes and trace the outline of them so that you have the base to work from then study different ways of positioning straps etc on the upper area. also always imagen a foot inside your shoe because that will help you see where the thong piece has to be, where the buckle should be, how high the t strap should be. there are unlimited upper designs but you have to respect the proportions.

also little details help understand the design better…stupid example: the t strap doesn’t just melt into the ankle strap it usually has some way of being attached. study existing shoes for ideas.

thanks for posting and please show us updates.

Thanks, Jelena.
Were you able to view the green shoe (you have to cut and paste the link). I am literally just starting out (one of my first drawings) and realize that I have a lot to work on…and appreciate your advice. I just started a drawing class and will ask for a demo on incorporating proportions/perspective and will follow up with a new draft. I will post a few others that I have done. Sorry for the large size pic…still working on how to properly add images.

Thank you!

first off glad to hear that you are interested in shoes and learning to draw them. id say just practice practice practice and dont get discouraged. look at other peoples work and if you see a style that you like then mimic it, until you develope your own style. hang on to these drawings so that a few months from now you can look back at them and see how far you have come. keep posting we will all be interested in seeing how your skills develope

Look at Yo’s stuff – I’m pretty sure that he works/has worked for Nike. In any case his shoe sketching is where you ought to aim :slight_smile:

(I commented on one of your shoes, the flowery one, in another forum and the same comments apply here.)

to get the basic shape: draw lots of thumbs till you get a realistic shape. i generally print my thumbs enlarged and trace over.
the line work can be refined, perhaps sharpen your pencil to get a crisper line. i would personally draw a rough shape and keep erazing and drawing over till i get what i want. it looks like your spending too much time on the lines, they get squiggly. but all this come only after you have got the shape and design features right.