New sketch weblog!

I have recently started a weblog: Its purpose is to quickly show the net ideas and non confidential projects that I may be working on. Instead of putting all these sketches in the closet, never to be seen again, I decided to publish them on the net, so not to go to waist.

It should be updated weekly, or as stuff developes.

Hope you like it!

thanks for looking,

Great stuff!!

I really love this idea. Its a great way to monitor you progression and thought process. Also makes a fantastic resource for any IDer or student. I am really learning a lot from your loose but clean drawing style.

This is, a good idea. I enjoyed looking through your work. I know I will be checking back often. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for sharing. That’s some great work! I really should dig up all of my sketches too.

great stuff as always, Brook. You have an amazing sketching technique and skill!

What are you up to know, back in the US?