New sketch group???

Well, the first x-box sketch group was not as big a hit as I would have liked.

Is anybody up for a second?

Any suggestions on what you would like to sketch on and see other people work on?

Any feedback on how to keep the momentum up?


I think that would be a good challenge. I think it could be anything more abstract or literal.

or design a new public transportation device-that could work in a close quarter enviornment but hold a maxium amount…

would like to see more participate-even if it is a napkin sketch scanned in

I just don’t know if my skills are!

Hi Yo,

I finaly registered on Photobucket so I can post pics here. They will probably have to be pics, and not scans, since my scanner is small and I don’t like having to composite a bunch of scans to put a pic back together.

Anyway, let me know.


How about some eyewears. They could be sunglasses to ski goggles. I think there is lots of room for styling. What ya think?

Eye wear sounds great, or face wear, or headwear to facewear…

Im down with that-


of course i gotta add shoes -i know yo and dv would be up for it :slight_smile:

otherwise, i think the suggestion of headgear is pretty sweet. i worked on some bike helmets once and it was a blast.

personally, i’ve alsway found drawing eyeglasses a little boring since they are so thin, and theres not too much solid for to have fun with.

i’d also suggest something like toasters or other kitchen appliances. lots of garbage out there and it’d be fun to do a cool blender, mixer or other tabletop consumer product (ps. ahve you seen some of the new rowenta and kenwood stuff…sweet).


what about package design? for a product like eyewear, or even gatorade…

I’m down for shoes-gonna post some stuff KG sketches i am working on tonight-for the mercedes contest-



i dunno. packaging can be a little too flat. and more graphics. if we are going to sketch i prefer something with some nice possibility for 3d form development. lots of cool exploded views, and use arrows!


what about wind generators…here’s mine:

but packaging downt have to be flat. but i understand where you are coming from with it dealing with alot of graphics. but maybe that would be a nice break away- or maybe developing a logo? doing logo sketches- an develop a logo for a new product. like for sun glasses.

example: these are two logo concepts I did for an eyewear company:



you are really into glasses, eh?

im always up for logos and graphics. my second love (after footwear). i guess we’ll just have to rename this “sketching” forum to something else.


PS. have you ever done photoshop tennis?

hmm- not really into glasses-dont even own a pair. but like creating logos. an thought these two fit the discussion because we were talking about headwear an glasses.

photoshop tennis? nope-never done it, but my thang is illustrator.

what is it?



what is it?

Photoshop tennis is when two designers start a concept and send it back and forth. Like one does a little, then the other adds a twist ,etc. That’s what I heard it was…

check out this link. Aaron Cooper and Eric Avar, two great footwear designers explaining their “tennis” match which gave birth to the Shox Stunner (I need a pair…)

Edit: AC mentions in the Kicksology page that

there are materials (systems) out there that when bent slowly are flexible, but when put under a sudden stress, become quite rigid. Perfect for dynamic ankle protection on the court.

Anybody know what are the names of materials that have those properties? Thanks

That’s why it would be a challenge. It would emphasis on the quality of line work instead of volume. Besides they’re not always so thin that you can’t show volume.

too much talking, not enough sketching. Let’s just start posting some idea.

All right yo. Pick a topic and let’s get it on.

Cool, it’s not just up to me. I’m the moderator, but its your forum. Any one of us can start a new thread. I would but my last one didn’t go so well, and I’, in China right now and unable to post up sketches. I would hate to start one and have nothing to show for it off the bat.

Seriously, there is nothing stopping any of us from starting a session, or multiple sessions.

Ok. Snow/Ski/Moto Goggles.


I’ll start

sporty sunglass

pen on paper