New site check it out, all feedback is welcomed

Hey everybody, I just updated my corofolio with some new stuff form my portfolio. Check it out tell me what you think, tell me waht u think I should changeand what i should add. Thank you in advance!!!

Kyle Cittadino


I remember your work from the last time you posted it. This is much improved. There are some simple things you can do to make this look much much better

1_ Text_ most of your fonts are the same, but a couple are different, some of your boards have descriptions, others don’t, your point sizes are all over the place. Leave the descriptions for the text boxes that core provides, don’t waste valuable visual space. put simple project headings, and keep the size minimal.

2_ Backgrounds_ the Lacoste renderings are nice, but you should put the into a format that is consistent with the rest of your presentation. Make one more dominant than the other. And what does the girl have to do with anything? Is this a product she would buy, if so why? Tell the story visually, if she is just eye candy, it detracts from your design.

3_ Process. The sketch page is good, but It would be great to see how your sketches relate to your projects. Like on the tri can, or the magazine table, remove the text and you’ll have room to show a thumbnail sketch, a refinement sketch, and a rendering. If you don’t have those things, do them now… we call that back filling. Same on the Lacoste pages, if you put those renderings into your format and nixed the girl, you will have room to show you thought process. A few thumbnails go a long way.

Good start, you have already improved this tenfold from the last time you posted it.