new shoe converts excercise into couch potato time,...


I personally do sports and exercises because I enjoy them and I have a lot of fun. It’s not always easy but in the end it really pays off. So I’m kind of wondering if it’s sending out the right message. Kids will be active and run, not because they know it’s better for them or because they want to get in shape; They’ll do it so they can earn minutes on the TV.

So physical activities won’t be for fun or because they truly want to do it, but more because they feel they have to if they want to sit down and watch TV or play games. They’re being active but not for the best reasons imo.

However, it will probably push kids to go out more which is good and a big plus. Some kids might discover some sports that will get them hooked for life, while others might not and will probably stop working out when they’ll figure out how to bypass the system and watch TV without having to run.

I fear exercise will look even more like a chore, though it already is for some.
I guess it’s good since being active is still better than doing nothing, but being active because you want to is better than being because you feel forced to.

Also, I wonder how that device will hold up since it’s in the midsole. Some kids might weight more than others…

Nice read!

I dislike sports. It makes me feel painful. But due to healthy consideration, I force myself to take excises. It’s more like struggling and suffering