new shirts for Uno

Dr. D-

has done it again… those T’s and hoodies look real nice. I am glad I am the one getting them. Your right that adidas vintage hoody came out real nice, now have some clothes to rep at work.

The proportions on the shirts and everything came out well too. I have some ideas for another round of shirts- will talk more about it with you soon.

When I get them in the mail I will post more pics of them…



sweet stuff man.

MM_ when you moving out dude?

the look-see visit to Portland hasn’t worked out.

been dealing with the court trial.

Kinda in a middle of much. No dates are set on a move. I fig some time after mid may. I will talk with you soon.



cool cool, good luck with things man.

looks like Dave White.

check the latest about him in an interview in The Royal Magazine, and also Sole Collector.

I assume you’ve seen his stuff.


Do you mean my stuff looks like whites? i started out with him as a jumping off point but i think i have developed my own style and it doesnt really relate back to him unless you’re saying that cuz its a lateral view in my recent paintings


i didnt mean that your work was the same, just reminded me of whites work, and i didnt know if you were familiar with his stuff.

nice stuff, anyhow!



thanks richard

Didnt mean to come off as taking it personal…:slight_smile: yeah i have seen whites stuff and while i like it and it is what started me off painting i’m less into his shoe swork these days, but his stormtroopers are sweet