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Ive been doing industrial design work for my company for a few years now and I was recently asked to take care of some updates on the company website. I did this and also made a small flash intro for the site. Here’s the problem, someone at the office decided that my work was pretty good and has now started selling the firm as having web design services without informing me of this.

Normally I wouldn’t care about doing some work that was slightly outside the normal core business for the company, but this seems a little extreme. Especially since I am the only one in the office capable of doing the work and they are selling god knows what as my capabilities.

Anyone have thoughts on this or am I just crazy?

If it where me, I would sit down with the principal(s) of the firm and have a straight out discussion

first I would ask them if they planned on hiring a webdesigner (just to make sure, you don’t want to go in with afterburners on not knowing the whole story)

Then I would tell them that I agreed to helping out on the company website, and perhaps I would have agreed to make it a billable service, but not when you didn’t have the consideration to consult me about it.

I would ask how much ime they saw it taking away from doing product design, and if it is more than you would like I would tell them and probably start looking for another job.

I am a bit over sensitive to respect issues in the work place, but I don’t think anyone would think it would be cool to be jerked into another feild without having at least complimentary consideration for your own prefrence thrown in.


I would expect a salary adjustment.

Your employer is adding web development to their list of capabilities. If you are the only one on staff that has any experience in this field and you are solely responsible for this addition to their capabilities, you should expect some sort of “reward”.

If you employer doesn’t see it that way, then I would explain that web development is beyond the scope of my job description and that it is not my responsibility or problem.

Sorry if I sound jaded. I have been employed by one who thinks that as a designer, I can apply my skills to any and all design trades, industrial design, package design, graphic design, architecture, interaction design, interior design, web design, etc. I am not saying that I don’t want to participate in these mediums, but when it takes away from a task that I really want to participate in, it gets annoying.

There are experts in these fields and you (or I) would be doing them a dis-service by calling ourselves web designers with only minimum exposure. To have web design on your company’s list of capabilities you should gain a in-depth understanding. This is how you might be able to justify a salary adjustment.

Thanks for the advice so far, thats pretty much what I thought. Any other comments on this…

If you bear in mind that it probably isn’t personal, you also won’t forget that it’s also negotiable.


wing it man! and track all the jobs you did. keep track of the actual billable hours and initial quotes. use that to get a raise or tell future employers that you prompted a new service and made X amount of dollars for your firm. other firms would love that and you will be a hero. plus you can call yourself an interaction designer now. more pretty titles mean more value

…yeah, but is that what you want to do?

I actually already consider myself an interaction designer, the problem is that I tend to do it on the side as a personal interest and NEVER wanted to do it as a fulltime job for this company.

The real problem is that the sales staff at my company if completely incompetant and couldn’t land a huge account to save their lives. My fear is that THEY have started telling people that we do web design and now I have to back it up.

if you weren’t hired for your web-development skills, why would you be held to back-up a delinquent sales group?

defintiely be scheduling a face-to-face with your boss.

the client will expect top-notch performance for their design money, and your boss should be made to understand that if his company can’t provide it (through you), then it will be HIS reputation that is tarnished.

I’m not suggesting that your skills in this area are mediocre, just offering a tactical line of thought you might use with your boss.

I can understand why this bothers you!!! I just started my first post college job where besides product design, I am doing graphic design for print ads, and I’ve started to get into doing graphic design for websites as well. I am eager to learn more about graphic design and add to my skills, but at the same time it is certainly intimidating when you don’t have a strong background and level of expertise and protocol when it comes to such things. I certainly know enough about photoshop and illustrator, but what I lack is the knowledge of advanced printing issues and HTML. I am nervous about making mistakes in those realms simply because I’ve never been properly trained in those areas. I definately wouldn’t want have someone selling my skills off as those equal to an experienced professional!