New..Seeking any advice

I just joined and am happy to be a member. I recently got accepted to Wetnworth and SCAD for ID.

I was wondering if there is any advice out there from practiced IDers for someone just getting started, the stuff you wish you knew when you started.

Im looking for words from the wise I suppose.

start with reading the first three threads in the ‘students and schools’ posting section.

jesus sorry…new.

dont know how to delete thread

I didn’t mean to offend, apologies. I’m busy working this weekend…

Let me welcome you and congratulate you on your acceptances to college.

There is almost too much to say in answer to your question, ID is so broad there’s no way to know everything, and all that stuff can be intimidating as you begin to appreciate it. So take your time, soak up the Core goodness, and tell us what resonates.