New sections

Hey core:

Great idea but you only focused on Product Design areas. You site attracts more than that… especially since you have all the AIGA corefolios included on your site.

The Special Interest Areas should include at least graphic design and multimedia. At some point in the future you might also consider interior, POP/exhibit, architecture, fashion.

I think there are too many forums now. I used to search the general forum and design employment forums all the time, software and materials occasionally. I am interested in many of the new forums, but I don’t understand why they are seperate. We used to post stuff about cars and shoes in the general forum…why a seperate forum for just a few posts? Maybe Lauren has something too, perhaps it would be better to have a general ID forum and a general GD forum etc. That would get rid of alot of superfolous forums while expanding Core’s embrace of GD & all.

it is true, there might be too many forums now. We added more specialty areas based upon the success of the materials discussion but we might have gotten too granular.

We will be giving it a few weeks and see how it goes - at the end we will keep the ones that are active, trimming the empty ones and then think about adding new ones like the ones suggested here.

The more boards, the less value.

I personally don’t think that these boards don’t produce nearly enough daily volume to be separated into sixteens and expect to survive.

I realize Core is using phpBB and is slave to its capabilities, but the best solution would be to have a Main board that tracks all of the other boards (like a “view all”.) This would mean I wouldn’t have to peek into 16 different boards to join into conversation threads (something I don’t have the time or energy to do.)