NEW Saab 9-2 is a re-badge Subaru Inpreza

This seems pretty wrong, talk about watering down a brand with a lame cost-cuttting marketting idea.[/url]

I like the Hummer "I will crush your Mini… :imp: "

I was sorta shocked at first, but at least now I can use my GM card points towards the Saab. (which i couldn’t with the Scooby) :sunglasses:

Seems wrong but not as wrong as that land rover. Thanks Ford.

It is kind of a let down. And Im Swedish so I should feel even more upset, but actually I dont. This way of doing it is pretty common nowadays, The Ford conglomerat is doing it, GM is doing it. Skoda, Volkswagen and Seat are built on the same platform. Is it bad for the users?
Well, the costs for development must be much lower, but has the prices fallen?
Of more interest might be that is could signal some kind of stagnation or resignation in the car industry.

I heard that the newest Audi A3 and Golf have the same platform…cost effective…I guess. :sunglasses:

Actually the Golf/Jetta, Beetle, Previous generation Auidi A3 and the TT, and some Skoda and Seat models all have the same basic architecture. The Audi A4, A6, and VW Passat also share platforms. Those are pretty good examples of design making a product appropriate for different types of people. None of them share a single body panel, they have unique greenhouses and interiors.

The Saab 9-2 however IS a Subaru Impreza, with the exception of the front and rear facias. The bodies are identical, as well as the cheap Subaru interior. So much for one of the most unique brand images out there. This will be the Cimmaron of Saabs.

I’m disgusted.

Almost as much as seeing that HP-branded iPod.

that is what i expect from Daimler Chrysler

the the new benz Charger

americal urban police car

with the benz hoodie and old school charger grill

In defense of the GM bean counters:

The 9-2 will hit a different market than the 9-3. The 9-2 has a little more of a sporting image and is a hatch, which the auto industry seems to think is the next big thing in the NA market. The front is revised enough that it looks distinctive in mho. The rear is under-redesigned. The interior is tweaked enough that it is a cut above the Subbie shiny plastic one. Lastly, the Saab engineers actually revised the suspension, gearbox and engine management on the 9-2 from the WRX.

Will the 9-2 be a run away success? MHO: no, but it doesn’t need to be. This gives people who want a WRX, but with a more professional upscale appearance an option. It also gives long time Saab customers a more sporty option.

In the long run what will the 9-2 do to Saab? Either kill it if GM decides to rebadge the Legacy and kill off all the real Saabs left. If GM plays it smart, uses this to just increase the brands awareness and coffers, then injects that money into creating exciting new models…it could be the saviour.

We all remember the Cimaron (or however you spell those words that don’t exist), but also remember the Golf, the Civic, the Integra etc. Platform sharing, even when done without a lot of tweaking with regards to brand can and HAS produced higher sales and long term success. A decade ago VW was struggling and people were criticizing their purchase of Seat and Skoda. Today they have turned those brands around with poorly tweaked Golfs and Lupos. The management now has the funds to do those brands right…and let’s hope they follow through.

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine just reviewed one in their new issue, and they said they may even add one to their project car fleet. I think that’s more then a good endorsement for me.

Gee Einstein, how long did it take you to figure that out!