New Ride -- Urban Bike Addition

Before checking out all the pics from Manifest I was thinking about getting a new city bike. After checking out all designs and I am pretty revved up to get pedaling on a new iron steed. Since there are a about 7 bazillion different designs out there, I was hoping the kind members of Core77 would offer up their suggestions as to what the best casual urban bike for a guy like me might be.

Some loose requirements:

  • Budget: Trying to keep things under about $1000
  • Gearing: Internal Hub, 3 speeds or more
  • Racks front and back
  • Fenders
  • Available in the US (but show pics of cool rides if you want to share)

About my riding habits to give a better idea of, quite literally, how I roll:

  • Average less than 10km per day
  • I live in Chicago and it is pretty flat but my commute somehow manages two hills (viaducts) each way
  • I ride all year and in all weather
  • Speed is not critical as I have another bike for that
  • I sometimes pull a trailer

Here are few images of bikes that I like:

Civia Loring

Velorbis Short John

Kronan Herrcykel (the pic shoes the women’s bike but the men’s version did not have the front rack in the picture)

Any suggestions?


I’ll add more later, but you’ll never get anything like a Short John for less than $3K in the US. And the Civia Loring is also pretty spendy.

But! There are options out there… I’ll be back later.

I totally agree. I like them but the Short John is for sale here in Chicago for a lovely $2300. The Civia base model starts around $900 so it is doable, but right about at the upper limit.

I thought about a Flying Pigeon (about $260 delievered), they are not so bad as far as price, but quality is always a risk. Plus I would have to add racks (sturdy racks, that is) and change out my rear hub to add in an internal gear. I suppose could throw on a Sturmey Archer 3-speed and get to cruising

This company just launched their North American operation on Friday . . . they must have learned I was shopping.

They have a bikes that nearly fit the bill:

Burgers Cargo is for sale | HugeDomains

Burgers Porteur Grand Lux is for sale | HugeDomains

This one is probably a little nicer, but it is also a bit out of the price range.

Burgers Le Porteur is for sale | HugeDomains

Have you checked out workcycles already? Just saw they have US resellers.

If you haven’t browsed through the website of Clever Cycle in Portland, they’re pretty much the local experts on city and cargo bikes:

Several good sub $1000 options there.