New Projects

Just finished up a few projects they are part of the collection line that I designed.Made with highly figured Walnut and Maple,Hand Painted panels to give a weathered effect.


I like the contrast of the clean walnut with the distressed drawers and doors. Working nicely.

That’s awesome! How did you get the distressed look?

Very clean work! Your hand-painted / distressed drawer fronts play a nice counterpoint to the clear Walnut.

I really like the mitered leg-frames, they appear to suspend the credenza/table top. Yeah, it looks easy, but tight miters with internal tenons are not as simple as they appear. And nice choice on the spalted maple drawers. Those little touches that people rarely see are what separates good joinery-work from simple furniture. Very Good work!

addition to the collection “Melt Down”

Tall Cabinets have 2 choices of base,one is shorter- wood, the longer one metal.Hope you like it .Thanks for looking:)

These designs are freaking hott!! I love the simplicity of the walnut contrasted against the painted drawer/cabinet fronts. Well done!

My only suggestion would be to make the designs work a little better as a group is to make the legs in the same format for all of the pieces. I like the picture frame legs on the outside of the console and side tables. I think it would be cool to have the collection all incorporate that style of leg for everything.

Are you selling these pieces anywhere?

i’m drooling. especially over the blue pieces.

do you have any close-up shots of the handles and hinges? what material are the handles on drawers made of?

Its metal hinges,I do not have preference since I am weathering them anyway:)