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So I have finally taken my first product form idea to reality and now I am stuck. I have a very Modern (with a capital M) salt and pepper shaker that I have designed, produced and ready for mass production… I have great professional photos, BUT I have not tried to sell a single one. Any good suggestions or book recommendations on how to sell to the market of your choice. (High end design stores) I live in NYC so it’s a bit easier to get around to these places but I don’t think going door to do is the most efficient way to do this. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

Going by the experience of a friend, his dealings with high end stores differed enormously. Some were quite receptive to selling in low volume (1-10), buying what they thought they could move. Another would only deal if 20,000 were ready to ship with a week or two. The key was the product was already available, not still a presentation. Perhaps it is time to do a low volume run on either your or someone willing to fit the cost’s dime.

Look, feel, experience of a product does wonders for a sales pitch.

Good luck. Hope to see them in DWR or Home Shopping Network. :slight_smile:

here’s the best advice.

its VERy hard to fish a high end store, especially a famous one. Thes best way to get them to notice or even consider “walk ins” or cold callers or new fish is to have numbers. proof. same goes for big retailers, such as target, walmart, etc. they will rarely pick up new products without seeing some prelim numbers.

try some small lesser known specialty shops, work the tradeshow and conventions circuit, sometimes luck is the best way. but u have to have it out there.

set up an exclusive website, sell it through there as well as outside retailers, have a page of the retail list, a “sold at” page. and gradually add to them as you hook more.

you need to develop a marketing package…introduction or mission statement, product spec sheet, pricing options, delivery/logistics and of course give out freebies.

The above can very basic and express pricing/delivery is negotiable. Hopefully you know someone in advertising or marketing who can assist.

don’t be deadset and kid yourself on this “high end” business. everyone and thier moms want to be exclusive and “high end.”

Then you end up nowhere. A success. Thats right, without knowing it, you’ve succeeded. Your product is so god damn exclusive, no one has it. There. That’s high end.


… that I have designed, produced and ready for mass production…

what exactly does 'ready for mass production mean?

you have tooling, someone to run it, parts in stock, packaging in stock, packaged product in stock … … . what?

or do you have a handmade prototype, and some nice photographs?

… … .what?

I have everything set up, with the exception of a place to sell them. I have not placed the order as of yet, but all the details have been worked out for a small run of 500-1000 but I don’t want to pull the trigger until I have a retailer…

Thanks for everyones advise, please keep it coming, anything helps. This is where a good marketing class would have come in handy…

I say go for it, pull the trigger.

you can always market them on ebay with a dutch auction or something.

Then when it really takes off, change it just a little bit so the first run will be “collector’s items”

also, the high end stores might be willing to do a consignment deal, especially if it’s a “collector’s item”

I’ve seen some butt-ugly stuff go for lots of dough just for that reason