New Product Development Lab Material Shopping List


My company is developing a new product innovations lab. This would be first round prototyping/brainstorming materials. Just thought I’d ask on the forums any critical materials/tools that you all might think would be critical or nice to have (Please don’t suggest SLA machines or other Rapid Prototype machines). Things like foamcore, taskboard, RTV, etc. Any input is appreciated!


  1. Big hot glue guns, it’s amazing what hot glue can do

  2. Multicolored duct tape

  3. Aluminum foil, it’s good for quickly sizing relatively small injection molded parts rather than carving away at foam

  4. Crescent paper

  5. Thousands upon thousands of exacto blades

  6. Clay

  7. Several old products to rip apart and reuse which you’ll find in basements, warehouses, thrift stores…

    Combine all of the above and you’ll have a have yourself some awesome prototypes. Personally my favorite part of the project. An entire world of possibilities can be communicated through a wad of duct tape and hot glue.

Thanks Gebs. I am not familiar with cresent paper. I’ll check that out. Your right about having old products to cannibalize, it is a really awesome resource.

If anyone else has suggestions to make that would be awesome!