New Product Designer relocating to the NW back-country?

I am looking for an industrial designer/new product designer with which to potentially collaborate. This is not your typical post – more like a “Needle in a haystack” thing – but I’ll give it a shot! - and see what happens. I am looking for such an individual, practicing or semi-retired, that is either planning on or is interested in relocating to the rural northwest.

This is my unique situation… I have a rustic three-level log home on wooded acreage near Sandpoint, Idaho that is available for lease to such a person (creek, windmill, outbuilding, miles of horse back riding trails through beautiful timberland). My family and I reside on the opposite side of this 120 acre forested property. I am an entrepreneur, inventor, and consultant with a home office on the property, several product programs under my belt (both winners and losers), and more dreams to be chased. I’ve consulted for several independent inventors; i.e. market research, product commercialization, and licensing development. My objective here is to creatively kill two birds with one stone in locating a tenant with which I can potentially collaborate.

i am going to be out there in a few months, i also know some people in the area. drop a email address or a phone number and i will call you soon.

Thanks for your reply. Are you moving to the area. I can be reached at