New product design for men who wet shave


I’d like to share a new product that my brother and I have developed. We spent a lot of time on the design elements in order to make it the most aesthetically pleasing accessory in your bathroom. If you have a few minutes, please check out our promotional video. Thank you!


As said many times before with such posts… this is not the place. if you want to share the design and development process and the work progress then great.

With all due respect to your message boards, what is the difference? If I share the design and development process, part of that is to mention at some point that we are launching a kickstarter. If someone likes it, they may ask where they can get it. We don’t even have a product yet, my post is in fact part of our development. Does that make sense? The only way people can get their hands on good design is to share it. It’s not an exclusive field. It’s not pretentious art. Good design must be shared.

Interesting point of view, I say we then open the conversation to if your design is actually good vs you stating that it is.

As a individual who does do wet shave I would have to say that i see many user interaction flaws with your product. Now, if i where to see the development process and the logic behind what you did and why you choose to do what you did I may actually change my point of view.

I would be happy to share with you the flaws I see from my POV if you are interested. But as it stand i would articulate that your original post is nothing more then to simply increase the traffic on your kick starter - which if you read the forum rules is not the purpose for these forums. If you want to do “marketing” then perhaps contact core admin and see if they will to a cover story for you.

The difference is it feels like spam if you have never been a part of the community before and your first post is a link away to a kickstarter looking for funding that you double posted across two forums. I’ve got no problem with people integrating kickstarter into a larger conversation, asking for feedback. That is a great use of the forum. This is a place to talk about design, not raise funding (designers are not a good target group for that anyway)

Articulated much better then i did. Thanks Yo.

New post has been made

You can post images into the board and be a part of the community beyond your individual project. Have a brows around the community and you can see how other people do it. It is easy to embed youtube and vimeo movies as well as pics. You can even direct upload pics like this:

Below the response field you will see a simple upload tool that looks like this:

The top of the text edit box has the shortcuts to embed video.

I think you will find that people will post more feedback on your project and less on your forum etiquette if you embed images. The more you put into the community the more you get out of it.

Part of my issue with your response is that you have made some very bold statements

most aesthetically pleasing accessory in your bathroom

If the goal is to keep good design down

It’s very forward thinking

And your OP is simply a link - no ask for feed back or thoughts or opinions or suggestions or any type of ask, other then hey check out or promotional video.
Perhaps if you explain what your true intent was that would help. Perhaps i made the wrong assumption that it was simply a goal to get people to look at your project in the hopes that they would donate.