New Product Design contest by Selle Royal - phase 2

A new challenge for all creatives. This is a tricky one! :wink:

Selle Royal Saddle Selector - Product Design

Selle Royal, leading company in the bicycle saddles market, is looking for an innovative system that gives support to the in-store sells.

The aim of the contest is to identify the best design for the measuring tool able to suggest to each customer the most suitable saddle among the specific ergonomic range that will be offered in the next season and that will exhibit on a dedicated floor-display.

The second step of the contest starts from the winning solution of the first phase of the contest, by implementing new solutions for the design and for the usability. The most efficient and the most innovative solution, compatible with realistic parameters of production and global distribution, will gain the final award.

Official contest page:


Upload phase: 12th March 2014 - 22nd April 2014
Community vote: 23rd April 2014 - 30th April 2014
Client vote: from 1st May 2014

€ 1500

The contest is free to join and open to all - designers, architects, creatives - with no limit of age or nationality.