New Prius is… not bad looking?

New Prius announced:

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Wow, this looks pretty damn good. No more dolphin nose, that makes it a serious option for me.

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Less bad, but I expect the drivers to still be as slow and dull.



Post on IG from Ralph Gilles, CDO of Stallantis (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, etc) complimenting the Prius. That’s a class act right there. turns out not everyone is a grumpy curmudgeon online.


That’s awesome. I love to see great designers in top spots put aside ego to recognize great design from competitors. Speaks volumes of the Prius work and says even more about Ralph.

Years 2016-2017 were pretty loud and prickly. This one is rather quiet in its presentation. Definitely a more mature design language. Although, that black and silver lipstick on the front air intake lips still represents its emo roots well. Not a Prius guy, but this design is much more inclusive of others on the roads these days.

I was assuming I was missing something thinking this was nice. It has a hint of retro 80s wedge to the front, a little mecha animé in the headlights/front, a little CRX in the back along with that aero look of a Chevy Volt, all well not having a messy bunch of lines. I hope this means Japanese car design has really turned the corner…it bodes well!


The Designers Pen IG account posted some of the process work

Looks fantastic. As smoking as a non-smoking car can be. No more extraneous chunk, the angular features make it even more lean, and funky design elements to top it off. Best makeover ever.


Would drive this and only be slightly embarrassed. Almost as if they did the prior generation as messy as possible so they could ‘clear the air’. Straw-man argument and knock it down yourself.

Shares some character with the new Corolla, which is said to be a hot little hatchback.

It’s kind of like a Dodge Dart, a Mazda 3, and a 2nd gen Prius had a baby and it actually came out pretty ok. :smiley:

it looks really good

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Dunno’bout that. All the Priuii I see on the highway are doing 95 & have handicap tags.

Edit- does look a little better tho.

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But they just haaad to go with “crab claw” headlights. Sleek, stylized, robocrabclaw, but crab claw nonetheless.

Ok I know there is a lot of hate for the old Prius but as the years have gone on I think its time to admit its an engineering marvel. The mechanical design of the car is brilliant. The E-CVT put so little strain on the trans that the things run forever with very little maintenance. The fact that you see so many for sale with 300K-400K miles on the original engine and trans is a testament to their design. It marked a major shift in the car market. Similar to Nickelback I feel like the hate is just a meme and socially expected opinion. It tops the list of reliable cars you buy. I think everyone is jealous of the cost savings that these drivers are getting with the recent gas crisis. Sure beats the $120 I pay every gas station visit.
*still I don’t own a Prius and wouldn’t be able to drive one with a sense of pride" He says as he deals with the headaches and money-pit that is dealing with driving “cool” vintage cars.



It is an easy target, but it couldn’t be such a widely understood meme if the car wasn’t so universally recognized. There are a lot of them out there.

I could never understand why the original Prius was so ugly. I mean it was an engineering masterpiece, it would have taken so much more effort to engineer than a normal car. It was as if they spent all their budget on engineering and then just rushed through the design phase. Or perhaps they didn’t really want to sell too many of them and disrupt their existing business model. Who knows? But whether you love it or loathe it, there is no denying that the Prius holds a very unique and important place in automotive history.

I think the rendering looks like if Dodge still made the Intrepid. Not a bad thing.

Looks good. Like it belongs in the 21st Century.