New Portfolio Website

Hey Everyone,

I’m in the process of overhauling my portfolio and have just finished the web portion of it. Before I get too stuck in to the print/PDF folio, I’d love to get some feedback from yourselves in terms of content, overall/initial impressions, etc. I currently work in retail design, but would like to move in to the product (ideally tech) design sector in the near future.

Here’s the link:

Any constructive feedback is welcome!

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Hi Jennifer,
You are an experimenter, a maker, with a good sense for design. I like your portfolio and writing style - you manage to tell a lot with short pieces of text, it makes it read like a magazine which is a good balance between visuals and text. You have decent 3D, sketching, prototyping and graphic skills. Your website is good, navigation and presentation of your concepts could be done with more simplicity and elegance but it presents a clear story. With the watch, pet toys and office system I like where you are going with your design aesthetic. My main feedback is that while your work is of good quality, nothing stands out. Your pet project is your best project and I feel you can use this portfolio to step to future employers. If you are going to work in tech it will be a great advantage if you can work with interactive prototypes - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Processing, basic electronics etc. so that may be something you want to look into. Also take care with details - for example the shape of the bark hub can be improved a lot, also your website background doesn’t tile well. I like your use of colors, manufacturing processes and overall graphic style and typography so keep that up!


You have some solid work, and it is well presented. One thing that trips me up on your site is this particular page:

It doesn’t “make” me want to click projects. I think it might help if all 4 project briefs were done in the same style. Right now 2 are full width and two are half width and it breaks the flow.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, it’s all appreciated and I’ll definitely take it on board and edit a some of the pages and make the projects clearer!

As for the tip to experiment more with ardunio etc. I did actually use a bluetooth ardunio for the dog project prototype, though unfortunately I don’t have and videos of it working! Lesson of the day: record everything!