new portfolio web site - crit/feedback wanted

hi all,

Just uploaded my new web site:

looking for some feedback and crits on the web site and portfolio images


You may wish to get someone to review your grammar, but otherwise cool. :slight_smile:

cheers…true i do suck at writing…i will check it out

anyone else?

hey how did you do that site - dreamweaver or got someone to make it - and how much is the site each year and how much space do you get


i used…ilustrator to do the layout, then fireworks to do all the final buttons, slicing …etc, then it was brought in to dreamweaver…i would recomend geting studioMX and doing the tutorail, you could put togeather a nice simple site after doing them.

I am with 123-reg.couk…£50 for hosting and £3 for domain name, not bad, u get loads of cools stats things and 250mb space

hope this helps

PS: what u could do is buy a domain name for a few quid then sign up with coroflot and make your domain forward to your coroflot…this is the easist/cheapist way to get yourself online quick.